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发布人:管理员   发布时间:2022-5-7


Roadside stone moulds can be seen everywhere in people's lives. At present, all kinds of shapes and shapes consumed along the stones are everywhere. The automation degree of the new type of stone moulds is higher, which makes the operators correspondingly less, which reduces the investment in production, so that the investment in equipment is also smaller.


In addition, the equipment also has the advantage of multi-purpose, that is, the machine can produce various types of roadstones with different specifications by changing different moulds in the process of production.


At the same time, roadside stone mould can be put into use without firing. The automatic production of die and mould production line is realized, which not only reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also shortens the production cycle. The production efficiency is greatly improved, and the production volume is also considerable.


同时,bob综合手机版设计合理,易损零部件较少,因此能够迅速的创造价值,降低维修投资成本。At the same time, the new die design is reasonable, less vulnerable parts, so it can quickly create value and reduce the cost of maintenance investment.

The roadside stone mould produced by our factory has the characteristics of high brightness, strong toughness, no deformation, easy demoulding and low damage rate. The products are sold

all over the country and are favored and praised by manufacturers. Welcome to consult!