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发布人:管理员   发布时间:2022-3-2


With the development of all walks of life in our country and the quality requirements of different sizes and sizes of manhole covers in various provinces and municipalities, higher and newer requirements for the quantity, quality, variety and performance of die materials have been put forward, and the market of die materials has also developed rapidly.


In terms of the quality of the manhole cover mould, it is necessary to ensure the stability and conformity of the size of the product, the surface cleanliness of the product, the utilization ratio of the product material, etc. In terms of service life, the number of work cycles that the mould can complete or the number of parts produced on the premise of ensuring the quality of the product.


在模具的使用维护上,要确保最方便使用、脱模容易、生产辅助时间尽可能的短In the use and maintenance of dies, it is necessary to ensure the most convenient use, easy demoulding and shortest production time.


Only qualified die products can win loyal customers, as well as quality and quantity is our responsibility! With the rapid development of the die, its precision and strength have a great development, and the scope of plastic products is gradually expanding, so the production of the well cover die is increasing, and the market of the die industry is gradually growing.