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发布人:管理员   发布时间:2022-2-9


The stone moulds along the road have good wear resistance, toughness and economic use. They have excellent toughness function and accept large impact load. During the process of moulding operation, fatigue cracking usually occurs under the action of long-term cyclic stress.


Permanent products have good anti-fatigue cracking function, long life, high strength and hardness at operating temperature, high cold and heat fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance.


The advantages of high-quality moulds are also derived from engineering polypropylene (PP) as material. Engineering polypropylene (EP) itself has excellent characteristics. Under certain conditions, the roadside stone moulds can choose ABS as material to avoid oversize and deformation. Material selection has become an important advantage of moulds.



In the future, the stone mould along the road needs continuous innovation and improvement to better meet the needs of different groups of customers. Therefore, in the production process, we should carefully handle each link, conscientiously and responsibly, produce environmentally friendly and reliable products, improve the value of use, and win the trust of customers.


Baoding Permanent Road Stone Mould Factory specializes in the production of stone moulds along the road. Our factory has professional production technology, can produce various types of stone moulds along the road without production, to meet the needs of customers. Permanent Mould Factory welcomes business negotiations!