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发布人:管理员   发布时间:2021-8-4


Slope protection mold plays a vital role in the cost of a project. A good arch framework slope protection mold can be used more than 200 times. When selecting materials for slope protection mold products, we must select high-quality materials.


The demand for slope protection moulds is increasing. If the moulds want to be exquisite, they need to be beautiful and generous in appearance, and if they want to pursue perfect quality, they need to have high quality in fine and precise moulds.



Because of the widespread application of slope protection moulds and the unreasonable design of some drawings, the problem of demoulding is very common. The design drawings need to be considered incompletely, and some small areas are not clearly marked, which will lead to demoulding difficulties.


An experienced slope revetment demander should consider all aspects of the design drawings, such as slope, span, demoulding difficulty, materials and other aspects to ensure smooth demoulding.


Baoding Permanent Slope Protection Mould Factory is a large-scale manufacturer specializing in slope protection moulds. Our business model is a combination of production and sales. The site area is very wide, and the operation equipment and technicians are complete. We can customize all kinds of moulds with different specifications and materials. Customers are welcome to call for consultation.