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发布人:管理员   发布时间:2021-6-28


Well cover mould has small investment and durability. The unique technology of our company's products can make the surface of well cover smooth and clear. It can also be designed according to the requirements of technology transfer unit, so that the product, brand and use function of application unit can be integrated. The outstanding advantages are as follows:


(1) The outstanding advantages of the well cover die are high stability, high strength, but brittle, while the outstanding advantages of the polymer material are flexibility and elasticity, but not aging resistance. We make both advantages and complementary cover die rigid and flexible. The stability of the stone overcomes the disadvantage of the ageing resistance of the polymer material, and makes the well cover die produce super high strength (bearing 50 tons of vehicles) and super long life (more than 20 years), which can be called the king of the well cover die.


(2) The hardness of stone material is very high, and the wear resistance of polymer material is very good. The hardness of the former and the wear resistance of the latter give the well cover mould excellent wear resistance.



(3) Polymer material is light, while stone material is heavy. We use light weight to ensure that the manhole cover mould can be lightweight under the condition of high density and high strength. The weight of each set is not more than 50 kg, which is more than twice as light as that of cast iron manhole cover mould, and 1/3 lighter than that of concrete manhole cover mould. It is the lightest of all kinds of manhole cover mould.


(4) Polymer material has the function of shock absorption and noise elimination, which can eliminate the bounce and noise of the well cover die; while stone material and polymer material have excellent corrosion resistance, which can give the well cover die corrosion resistance.